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Blogging for Profit – Getting Your Domain and Hosting

Let’s say that by now, you know what niche you want and you have picked out some keywords. Now it is time to start your blog. This usually means buying a domain name and then hosting for it. A domain name will cost about $10 for a .com and hosting will cost anything from $4 upwards.

If you haven’t got any money to spare, you’re not obliged to buy a domain name of your own. You can use a free blogging platform such as Blogger. Don’t use WordPress.com because they don’t like advertising/marketing. It is against their Terms of Service to publish affiliate links and your links will be disabled. Many Blogger blogs are high ranking money makers.

But think about it this way –using a free blog is like renting a house whereas having your own domain name is like owning your own home. When you rent somewhere, you have to get permission to do anything to it like decorating or changing the bathroom. You pay the rent to the landlord and you can be expelled at any time.

When you own your own home, you can make all the changes you like to it. You are in charge. Your own home is an investment and eventually becomes an asset.

In the same way that the landlord has control over your rented place, so the folks at Blogger have control over your blog. They can shut it down at any time (and they do) and that will be the end of your hard work. I’ll leave it with you. Perhaps you could practise on a free blog and buy your own domain later.

For registering a domain name, two of the most popular companies seem to be GoDaddy and NameCheap. I recommend that you buy a .com as this is good for SEO reasons. Google likes .coms and they sound professional. They are more expensive. The .infos are usually much cheaper, but they do not rank well.

It is important to choose a domain name that has your main keyword phrase in the URL, for example: www.ghostwritingbysarah.com. If that domain name is taken (it is), you need to adapt it. Play around with it. For instance, you can add a word or you can use hyphens between some of the words. However, Google doesn’t seem to like hyphened domain names so much.

Now you need hosting. Godaddy and Namecheap also offer hosting services. Two other hosting companies that are popular are Hostgator and Host4Profit.  Hostgator is probably the easiest to use and you can have multiple domain names on one account.

Whatever domain name provider and hosting company you choose, your blog will soon be up and running. Just follow the guides given to you by your service providers.



Get Rid of that Belly Fat for Ever!

Are you embarrassed and feeling self-conscious about your stubborn belly fat?  Abdominal fat is often the worst fat on the body to get rid of.

It is difficult to get well fitting clothes when you have belly fat. You have a different size for top and bottom.  That is okay with a top and skirt or trousers, but this can cause problems when you want to wear a dress. Clothes don’t hang properly at the front and you have an ugly bump.

Once you have finally gotten rid of your belly fat, you will be able to wear whatever clothes you want. You won’t have to buy clothes that hide your belly fat or you can raid your wardrobe to find your clothes that you hadn’t been able to wear and that will now fit you again. You will regain your self-esteem.

Casting vanity aside, the issue of belly fat goes beyond how good you look in your favourite dress. Your fat belly could be due to high blood insulin levels, which in turn can lead to your liver functioning badly, so you face the risk of diabetes. This is a problem to avoid and a reason for losing your belly fat.

It is not easy to get rid of belly fat. Perhaps it is in your genetic makeup. Have your family members got excess fat in the middle? If yes, then this could be a natural thing that happens to you, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t lose some of that belly fat and make your body its best.

You must make lifestyle changes. Most importantly, you need to change your diet and cut out alcohol. Exercise to burn the fat on your whole body will eventually reduce the fat round your middle. Your whole body will benefit and be healthier. Your muscles will be stronger and when you get rid of the fat, the muscles that were hidden underneath it will help to hold in your firmer and leaner belly.

Make sure that you have good sleeping habits. When you get plenty of sleep at night, this controls the hormone that forms your belly fat. Did you know that belly fat is one of the physical symptoms of stress? Thus, it is necessary to manage or reduce stress.

So, get rid of that belly fat, be fitter and healthier, feel better about yourself and more confident, and look great in your new well fitting clothes or your favourite clothes that will now fit you again.



Family History How To:

What family records can you use to verify the birth date of Sarah Jane, written in the family Bible?

1)  This does, of course, depend on whether Sarah was born before 1837.  If her birth date was after 1837, you could try to find her birth certificate among the belongings of one of your relatives.

2)  It is vital to speak to as many relatives as possible.  Most people like to talk about their family. It could be easy to get quite a lot of information from relatives before you search in any records.

You might strike up friendships with living family members. It can be a pleasurable and even exciting experience, talking to unknown relatives on the telephone or communicating by email or letters.

3)  However, people’s memories can play tricks. You cannot depend on the spoken word.  It is necessary to see written evidence in black and white. You must look for accuracy all the time.

4)  As far as the Bible is concerned, you could check the date of publication so that you know whether the Sarah Jane information was likely to have been written from memory or at the time of her birth.  If the date entered in the Bible precedes the publication date then the information needs to be verified with another source.

5)   If you think you know who may have written the information in the Bible, try to check the handwriting in the Bible with other known handwriting samples from that/these person(s).

6)  If you were lucky enough to find the birth certificate you would be able to verify the date of birth, of course, as this is one of the important pieces of information included on the certificate along with the person’s name and place of birth and the names of parents and the father’s occupation.

7)  Failing this, perhaps someone, very helpfully, had completed a baby book or a scrapbook with cards and photos or newspaper cuttings for example.  A local newspaper of the time may be in a cupboard or drawer somewhere with an announcement in it.  Someone may have done faire parts i.e. printed announcements to send to people at the time of Sarah’s birth and there may be some unused ones left over.  Someone may have written the event in a diary or a journal or on a calendar or in a letter.  Perhaps someone had completed a birthday book showing dates of family and friends’ birth dates.

8)  We humans seem compelled to commemorate important life events. An example of such commemoration is engraved objects. These leave behind records which tell us much about the people these items belonged to. With each of my seven children’s births I have had a silver plate engraved or a Delph Blau plate made with their birth details and so on.  Perhaps someone possesses such a thing for Sarah Jane. Family heirlooms and artefacts of all kinds can provide invaluable clues to our investigations.  A baptismal certificate may give relevant information.

9)  You may find a book belonging to Sarah, with an inscription in it, perhaps from friends, relatives, school or a religious organization.  For example, perhaps she was given a book on her fourth birthday with a message written in it along the lines of: “For Sarah on her fourth birthday with love from………” and the date inscribed at the top of the page.  My eldest sister very often writes the dates on gifts that she gives along with such a message as above.

10) Another thing that she is very efficient at doing (which will be a great help to future genealogists) is write all information on photographs.  Unfortunately, not everyone is as efficient as my sister and I have lots of old photographs which do not have anything on them and therefore I do not know who, what, when or where, but perhaps you would find a/some photograph/s of Sarah with something useful to your verification written on them.

11) You may be lucky and come across records that one of your relatives/ancestors has already made concerning the family tree, including Sarah’s birth. Hopefully, that person will have proved the evidence.  If not, their work would help you in your quest.  You would have to evaluate and verify the collected information.

12) If Sarah was in one of the forces, there may be her military service record.  This would be a reliable source.

13) A death certificate would be extremely reliable for the death date and place and possibly reliable for the birth date but it could be cross referenced with other information recorded.  There may be relevant information on a tomb or gravestone.  Someone may have taken a photograph.

14) Perhaps you will find a will or legal papers mentioning information relevant to your confirmation.  Or there may be school records or Sunday school records or prizes and so on.

15) Some people advocate studying whole family units rather than tracing one line backwards.  In doing so, you can trace siblings’ records and this can often forge alternative research paths to help with dead ends or verification of data such as the entry in a family Bible.

In conclusion, whatever record or document you encounter must be evaluated for reliability.  Is it first hand information?  (Far more reliable than second-hand information).  You must ask how reliable the witness is and if there is supporting evidence.  In doing so, you would hope to be able to confirm one way or the other, the entry for Sarah’s date of birth, in the family Bible.


N.B.  I think it relevant here to give some examples of why one may be suspicious of an entry in the family Bible.  If there are other entries in the Bible and if they are made in the same ink, it is possible that the information in this Bible was transcribed from another Bible.  If this is the case, they were probably done some time after the events that they record.  The type of pen used could rouse doubts.  One should be sceptical of ball-point pen entries in family Bibles prior to the late 1930s or early 1940s as this is the period when the first reliable ball-point pen was developed by Mr Biro.  An obvious clue to the information being entered some time after the event is when entries are made out of chronological sequence or another is that an entry is squeezed in between others in order to make it in sequence.  If the entries are for events that occurred in another country this suggests that the information entered was second-hand and not written by a person who was in attendance at the event.  Therefore, the entries must be confirmed by other sources.



How to Deal with Stress, Depression and Anxiety using Reiki

Stress is the body’s reaction to the demands of daily life. When you can’t cope you react with mental stress, emotional and physical symptoms. Stress, depression and anxiety are detrimental to your complete happiness and your health and stop you from achieving all that you can. Even worse, they can kill you.

Stress is one of the top causes of strokes and heart attacks. Your body tries to defend itself when it experiences stress. If the body is constantly experiencing stress, it can become too much and this can cause a breakdown.

Stress can cause mental and physical consequences. It doesn’t have to be something horrible that causes the stress. For example, a group of actors can spend months rehearsing for a piece. They have a really enjoyable time but as the first night approaches, the stress rears it head with anxiety, tears and angry disputes.

Common symptoms of stress are:

  • Headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea and other stomach problems
  • Heart palpitations and high blood pressure
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability and feeling wound up
  • Losing focus/forgetfulness
  • Tearfulness

If you don’t manage your stress, depression and anxiety you could have serious health problems. There are different methods for managing and reducing your stress. One method is Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an alternative healing technique for relaxation and reducing stress. The meaning of the word Reiki is Universal Life Energy. It is thought that Reiki began in Tibet thousands of years ago. In the second half of the 1800s, Dr Usui, a Christian teacher in Japan, rediscovered the Reiki system.  The system was passed on through Reiki masters.

The person who is a Reiki is attuned to become a channel for the energy to flow through to the person receiving it, wherever it is needed, with the laying on of hands or from a distance. The recipient draws the amount of energy they need. This can be on a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional level.

Reiki helps you to accept your feelings such as depression and anxiety, to go through the pain that goes with them, and become stronger as a result. The Universal Life Energy allows you to transform negative feelings with lower frequencies, such as depression, into positive feelings of higher frequency, such as joy of living.

For different ailments there are different Reiki hand positions. For stress, the hands are placed over the kidneys. This is where the adrenal glands produce the stress hormone, adrenalin. Pressure on the glands is relieved and this slows the production of adrenalin.


Regular Reiki ‘treatment’ leads to you developing a positive attitude about yourself and life in general.



That Free Thing Review by Sarah Pritchard

(Banners and graphics excluded)

People who like getting free consumer products and services (who doesn’t?) or indeed people in need of them, to get through to the end of the month, will want to waste no time in joining That Free Thing, firstly as a free member and then upgrading, to get hundreds of free things and other benefits — such as saving money and even making money.


You can click on our link or banner, to start getting your free products immediately. Once you have joined you are able to get your free things on and off line. You can, of course, get free things on and offline all the time, without joining TFT, but you will spend a lot of time searching for them and you will find that a lot of them are just rubbish or useless and it can be so tedious hunting for your free things. If you are like me, you want them at your fingertips and you don’t want to use up your valuable time doing a tedious task.


I am the mother of seven and I certainly love getting free products and services to help with the family budget. I live in France and France isn’t yet one of the countries where you can get your free things locally. But other countries have got at least 1000 members and are, therefore, fully supported by TFT, meaning those countries have been opened with their own section of free things and their own sites.


I download free things from those sites, straight to my computer. Already, the USA, UK, Canada and Norway have their own sections. Although I live in France, I’m English and when i visit my homeland I can use vouchers that I have downloaded for free things in well known shops and restaurants etc. in the UK. I have also already downloaded, for example, from the English site, software for my computer, which would have cost me more than the cost of joining TFT.


The owners of the company, Seth Fraser and Matt Goettscher, both live in the US. They have over 8 years of experience in finding and negotiating the best available products and free services. Seth Fraser has been living virtually for free for the past ten years and has been the go-to “Freebie King” who has been featured on radio shows throughout the US.


He wrote an excellent guide, “The Legal Thief” which you can download for free from your back office, once you become a member. You can apply what you learn in the book, but a lot of the work is actually done for you by the TFT team. This saves you a lot of time and makes it even more fun to get your free things.


As I said, I love TFT, not only because you can get hundreds of free things, but also for its humanitarian aspect. Associations, churches and non-profit organizations can help their members or people in need. You can get free clothes, food, education, travel, movies, accommodation, leisure activities……… We all need to buy soaps and shampoos and the like, don’t we?


The products are updated daily. Many of the offers are time sensitive, so if you check on the TFT site you won’t miss out on any products because they have found them for you and published them at your finger tips. You don’t have to spend hours looking for your free things. You can get on with what you need to do while they do the searching for you.


The only thing that I can say against TFT is that you can’t search on the site for free things by category, but I’m sure that is something that will eventually come as the company expands and as more and more products become available.


On a positive note, TFT can put dignity back in people’s lives as they can get through to the end of the month without having to go to the food bank, for instance. Let’s take a moment to compare TFT with companies that provide discount coupons. TFT is much better. Would you rather have something for free or at a discount? If you are poor, you can’t eat out at a restaurant even if you have a discount, but TFT means that you can, for example, have a free burger meal. In this way, your money goes further each month.


TFT is a MLM program and I have to be honest and say that I don’t usually get involved in MLM? It isn’t my ‘thing’ but TFT is my ‘thing’. You can share TFT with others and earn money for doing so. You can cover your monthly subs with the people joining after you. Due to the forced matrix, you don’t have to personally get involved in the mlm side of it if you really don’t want to. It will take longer to fill your matrix, of course, but it will eventually be filled. So, even though it is an mlm, you can just be satisfied with your free things.


Having said that, it makes sense to encourage people to join under you, so that you can make money. From one point of view, it is even rather selfish to not share these hundreds of free things with your friends.

In conclusion, TFT is the company who have harnessed the power of FREE. In our day and age new technologies are increasingly being used, like mobile phones, for both business and leisure. Millions of people use mobile phones each day and the number increases daily. So, the potential is vast. That Free Thing gives you the possibility to get free things via your computer or even offline via your mobile. That’s great, don’t you agree? It gets the thumbs up from me.


For more information and to start getting your free things go HERE.

P.S. Look at this impressive screenshot I took showing TFT ranked as number 2 in the MLM company top gainers rankings. Speaks for itself.


© Sarah Pritchard






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