Legal Details

Legal Details. Terms and Conditions

All clients are required to agree to these terms and conditions before accepting the service of Sarah Pritchard and Angel Cuddle Publishing.


Angel Cuddle Publishing agrees to treat all clients’ material supplied for service purposes as strictly confidential. Angel Cuddle Publishing also agrees not to disclose, publish or reveal in any other way, any of the information received, to any third party (except with the prior written authorisation of the client).


In the case of proofreading, I take the greatest of care with each assignment. However, errors may be missed. I shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising by such errors.

Furthermore, I shall not be held responsible for any problems or consequential loss to a client arising as a result of delays by the post, document transmission and correction, computer failure, or errors in the original document, be they grammatical or factual. Ultimate responsibility lies solely with the client at all times.


Any expenses, such as postage and telephone usage (including sending a fax) that are not covered by the fee, will also be charged.

Sarah Pritchard
Angel Cuddle Publishing

Sarah Pritchard  


  Hello, Sarah Pritchard here, an English lady with a passion for writing. I love the countryside and nature, and I live in a three century old farmhouse, with my family of one hubby, seven children, one pony, one donkey and three cats. That's enough about me. I'm here for all your writing needs. So, how can I help you?
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