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Welcome, how can I help you?


Thank you for stepping into my writing lab.

I’m Sarah Pritchard and I’m ready and willing to write all your content.


Do you need a quality writer?


Contact me with your project needs and we’ll discuss them. If it is not right for me, I will tell you.



I prefer to communicate in English, but can communicate in French, if necessary.



I am professional, friendly, and easy to work with, but always striving for perfection. Being very organized, I aim to meet deadlines and expectations to 100% satisfaction. I will follow and discuss your instructions and will never breach confidentiality. My work is always of excellent quality.



Proper words in proper places



I can also offer translations from French to English or proofreading of translations from French to English.


Types of projects already undertaken or willing to do:


• Writing

• Prepare presentations

• Ebooks

• Sketches/plays

• Pantomime

• Written pieces for businesses

• Articles

• Blog posts

• Ghost writing

• Translations French to English

• Proofreading

• Re-writing

• Hard copy, websites, articles etc.



I fully understand the need for quality, accuracy, professionalism and the necessity to meet deadlines and follow instructions for all types of work undertaken.


Why use me?


♥  I’m passionate about writing.


♥  My gift is writing and I want to share my gift to assist you.


♥  I love researching subjects for you and then transforming the findings into your quality content.


♥  I strive for excellence in all that I do for you.


♥  You will have what you want – 100% original, quality content free of grammar and spelling mistakes.


♥  I will use keywords appropriately, peppered through for natural writing, so that the text flows and is easy to read and comprehend.


♥  I want you to use me again, so I will do my best to please you.


♥  I over deliver.


article details



Articles are:

•  400 – 450 words (I often go over the word count).

•  Written around your keywords or keyword phrases.

•  Delivered in text and Word format (or as requested).

•  Search Engine Optimized with the keyword/phrase in the title, once in the first paragraph (often in the first line) and once in  the last paragraph (or I will follow your instructions).


how it works


Step One: Make your payment. After that you will be redirected back here.

Step Two: Fill out your order details below and I will get to writing for you.


If you need something not offered here, use the contact form to drop me a line.



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Sarah Pritchard  


  Hello, Sarah Pritchard here, an English lady with a passion for writing. I love the countryside and nature, and I live in a three century old farmhouse, with my family of one hubby, seven children, one pony, one donkey and three cats. That's enough about me. I'm here for all your writing needs. So, how can I help you?
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